Bob & icol rocks on Mac OS X using X11
Bob och icol på Mac OS X med X11.

Bringing power tools to the platform of power

3TAG worked with Karolinska Institutet and Professor Ulf Skoglund in the effort to bring the best and fastest
volumetric renderer bob (Brick of Bytes) to the Apple Mac OS X platform, using the build in X11 environment that comes with Mac OS X Tiger 10.4. You can download all things needed from the links below.
Now bob & icol has been gifted with iBob, to tie an icol and a bob together, and, best of all, they are now Universal Binaries.

  • Download the iBob binaries for Mac OS X 10.4, requires X11 and motif. Universal Binaries
  • Download the iBob source that can be built on several platforms, using X11 and motif
  • Download the iBob sampledata from AHPCRC
  • Download and install openmotif for Mac OS X, ppc or intel